Program Policies

    1. SSSRA reserves the right to determine participant appropriateness for programs and special events.

    2. When arriving and departing a program, parents/guardians/group home staff are required to notify the program supervisor.

    3. If a participant cannot attend a program, he/she cannot send a substitute in their place.

    4. When participants of varying ages and ability levels are in the same program, SSSRA will group them appropriately.

    5. SSSRA provides an approximate 1:4 staff-to-participant ratio.

    6. While SSSRA staff will assist participants with their belongings at programs, SSSRA cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property. Participants should not bring valuables to programs.

    7. Vacation Trips, Weekend Trips, and Overnights: Participants must have independent self-help skills, be able to function in a 1:4 staff to participant ratio, and have participated in SSSRA weekly programs.

    8. With your child’s best interest in mind, parents are invited to their child’s first program meeting. Our instructors have found that parent and/or sibling distractions during the program time affects the quality of their instruction. Our instructors always welcome the opportunity to discuss a participant’s progress with parents at any time.