Severe Weather Guidelines

In the event of severe weather, cancelling programs may be in the best interest of our participants. For the safety of our participants, supervisors may make the decision to cancel a program in progress, should weather become questionable. The following guidelines will be used to determine cancellations:

Severe Cold Weather

    Outdoor programs: Temperature range of 0 degrees or less, including wind chill.

    Programs with transportation: Temperature of 0 degrees or less, including wind chill.

    All programs (including indoor): Snowstorm situations when driving restrictions (winter storm or blizzard warning in which authorities have advised not going out unless necessary) and emergency accident plans (state and local police) are in effect.

Severe Hot Weather

    Outdoor programs, or indoor sites without air-conditioning, a heat index of 100 degrees or higher.

    Programs with transportation: Heat index of 100 degrees or higher.

    All programs (including indoor): Weather situations when a tornado warning is in effect for Lake, Will, Cook and/or DuPage counties.